A Healthy Inspiration from Tea


Consuming green tea helps to decrease the risk of stroke up to 60%. This has been a routine habit of inhabitants on South China since 2.700 years ago. Thus, it is obvious that South China holds the record as a country with the lowest stroke attack rate within the last 20 years.

Through the years green tea has been combined with other herbs so as to be more perfect in efficacy. PT Mustika Ratu, as an example, combine green tea with the extract of senna leaf, gotu kola, and liquorice. According ot Ani Wahyuningsih of Mustika Ratu, all four ingredients are beneficial to maintain health. Green tea functions as anti-oxidant to battle free radicals; liquorice cleans liver from toxic. Gotu kola may be an aid in promoting collagen synthesis for skin health.

The right time to have a cup of tea is in the afternoon or at night prior to sleep. The reason is herbal tea functions as detoxification by cleaning alimentary canal. (Vina Fitriani)

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